July 14, 2022

What is Best Ukulele Brand Nowaday? - Splendid Suggestions For Music Lovers!

When you decide to buy a ukulele, it is more than certain that you will be snowed under choices from tons of brands and producers out there. So, to give you a hand, we will provide you with our professional opinion on “what is the best ukulele brand”.

There are a number of differences among various models in terms of performance, style, and other features.

We have tried to be as specific and informative as possible. Even when you are new to the ukulele or to music in general, you would be able to grasp everything with ease.

All the instruments brought to you today have been put to the test, and we will give you our honest opinion about them, so stay tuned!

What Is The Best Ukulele Brands?

A great brand can very well make the great ukulele! So, what is the best ukulele brand that offers both reasonable prices and outstanding quality?

When searching for this musical instrument, there might be thousands of results pop up on your screen. In this part, we will introduce you to the best list of Ukulele brands that you can invest your budget in. Let’s check one by one! 

WikiWiki Ukulele

WikiWiki - One of the top ukuleles for beginners

A popular brand for beginners. It allows you to perform your first ukulele performance quite well. The instrument can follow you for a few years but you will soon feel limited.

If you are a beginner who is learning the first steps of playing this small guitar, this brand is a good match for you. More specifically, the item is 21 feet in length with a black gloss outfit. Its strong, geared machine heads are one of the great features that we like about this item. 

Kala Ukulele

Kala Ukulele

For the next brand, we would suggest the Kala ones. This brand is not only for new learners, but it is also suitable for skilled music learners to practice their skills. Kala brand offers thousands of Ukulele styles to choose such as Kala Elite USA, Cross over, Solid Top. 

This brand produces a number of ukulele lines for entry and the top of the range, notably with the elite US product line. They are simple but very reliable.

However, they don’t offer many options that use elite tonewoods like koa. About the price, don’t worry! You can buy this item at a very affordable price! 

I wrote a detail kala ukulele review here, make sure to take a look at it if you interested in this brand.

Martin Ukuleles

Martin ukulele

Martin Uke is worth your try as its craftsmanship focuses on every detail and quality of tones. You can easily recognize this brand by its monochrome feature. Moreover, a wide range of prices has made this Uke brand reach many customer targets. It fluctuates from approximately $300 to $5000. 

Luna Ukuleles

luna ukulele

That's the brand that captivated us most! Indeed, it goes beyond our expectations of these instruments.

You will find a very interesting construction in their ukulele. Aesthetics is also an important factor as the ukulele is often inlaid with the Luna brand logo represented by a moon.

If you go to the Luna Guitars official website, you will be immersed in the Uke world. On this website, you can find unique styles of Uke from vintage to modern looks. Besides, we highly recommend this brand as it has a wide range of prices for customers to choose from. Indeed, you can even find a price under 500$ here. 

Cordoba Ukulele

Cordoba ukulele

This brand of musical instrument has been on the market since 1997. And it has conquered music players by its different sizes, and each equipped pickups within. Hence, these explain why you can hear the amplification as a breeze which is such a great feature for live and studio purposes.

Interestingly, Cordoba Uke utilizes exceptional materials such as mahogany to manufacture their products.  

Stagg Ukulele Brands 

Stagg ukulele

Many people are in favor of Stagg thanks to its sound and quality

This is a Belgian brand that designs many top-notch instruments and belongs to the company EMD Music. A safe bet for beginners as the products will surprise you with their value for money.

Stagg is known as a traditional soprano Uke from Belgium, and the greatest feature of this brand is the quality of tone.

Besides, you can differentiate this brand by its nato back and sides with 13,74 inches in length. But there is only one thing we don’t really like about this brand: the black nylon gig-bag, which makes their item look less modern! 


Ibanez ukulele

Ibanez Ukulele impresses us with its wild design and rough looks. If you are looking for something to rock your style, we would love to suggest this brand. Additionally, it will bring you great functional experience like pickup configuration, higher-output, and locking tremolo bridges.

We have a lot of Ibanez instruments because we love this brand dearly. They come with exceptional quality but lack the soul and personality, unfortunately. However, buying Ibanez means having a “sidekick” that will follow you for many years.



This brand produces a lot of well-made musical instruments, including guitars and ukuleles. They are ideal tools for beginners.

Uke beginners can use Eagletone Uke for their first lessons. This brand is designed in Los Angeles, and it is one of the cheapest musical instruments. Although Eagletone items have a lower price than other brands, its products possess a delicate look and design.  

Yamaha - Good Ukulele Brand 

Although this well-known brand has specialized in manufacturing motorbikes for many years, they also made their name in the musical instrument field.

Besides motorbikes, Yamaha has recently carved its name on the musical instrument market. This brand stands out from other peers for its basic styles. Besides, once we experienced the Yamaha GL1 – a mixture of guitar and 70cm ukulele, it was really easy to play, and it owned a stable quality tuning gear. 


kiwaya ukulele

Kiwaya is less popular than other opponents on the market due to its high price. But its products create beautiful tones that won’t disappoint you if you can afford to buy one.

When we entered this brand’s official website, we were amazed. To be more specific, the website shows how to make un Ukulele nicely step by step. 

This brand is less known to the public and for good reason as the price is usually above one thousand euros. If you can afford the price, give it a try as these special ukuleles are of high-quality ones!

With this dashboard, you will certainly be able to access a ukulele that is long-lasting and sturdy. Personally, we recommend buying a ukulele for about $ 94 if you are new to the game.

With the price range of $350-450, you can own a ukulele that is durable and can withstand wear and tear.

In addition, great ukulele products from this brand, for example, the knight ukulele, are produced by luthiers and craftsmen, making them unique and very effective!

How Do You Choose The Best Ukulele?

The ukulele is a small stringed instrument that is regarded as a reminiscence of a guitar, but it is much easier to hold in your hands thanks to its only four nylon strings, small size, and thin neck.

It is perfect for beginners since the investment is much less than which would be necessary to buy a guitar worthy of the name. Besides, its four well-spaced strings allow a neophyte to hold with ease.

And finally, it is an excellent way to check if you are able and motivated enough to play the guitar or any other stringed instrument.

How Do You Choose The Best Ukulele?

It is important to have a ukulele that you like aesthetically. We have made a great selection of ukuleles that may be right for you depending on the price you want to invest.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself and follow them strictly in that order. You will be able to make up your mind quicker:

What is your budget? Is this a cheap, mid-range or premium ukulele you want to buy?

Do you need an electric ukulele guitar?

Which brand is reliable? You can refer to the list above.

What kind of ukulele do you like aesthetically?

When you have the answers to these four questions, you will quickly find out what is the best ukulele brand!

Indeed, the price reduces the amplitude, the presence of electronics, and above all, the intuition will make you be able to buy a less efficient but more aesthetically pleasing Ukulele.

It is absolutely not a mistake. You will play more often if you like your instrument!

The Ukulele Brand That You Should Avoid Buying 

Many people have asked us about the Ukulele brand that they should stay away from. The advice is different from individual to individual.

However, from our experience, there are specific brands of Uke that you should avoid buying. Let’s have a look at the details: 

Keep Away From Chinese Brands. 

Keep Away From Chinese Brands.


Our first advice is to watch out if the item is made from China. We don’t mean all of them are not reliable, but we all know China is a huge manufacturer of the world.

Therefore, besides high-quality products, there is also a high risk of buying fake and low-quality products.

For example, some products have the brand name of Makala Uke, but they possess poor quality. As time goes by, you may have to spend time repairing the instrument; in the worst case, you will have to replace it with a better item.

Thus, if you are purchasing a musical product from China, be sure that you are working directly with reputable manufacturers or via their official stores.   

Rethink Before Buying Cheap Brands 

Rethink Before Buying Cheap Brands

Honestly, each brand has its positive and negative traits.

But if you will see the negative aspects outweigh the benefits in cheap brands of products.

Playing music on these musical instruments brings players distorted sound and abnormal tone that negatively influence their performance.

On the other hand, many Uke uses plastic bags which reduce the products’ quality, and they are also harmful to the environment. On the list of cheap brands, we‘d like to name several names such as Huawind, Vangoa, Kaka, Ammoon, Vangoa, and the Hricane.

If you see these brands appeared on your searching screen, check the reviews from previous customers carefully. 

Donner And Kmise 

Donner and Kmise are two of the Uke brands that we want to recall here.

For musical players, it is undeniable that these items are okay brands of guitar that they can buy at very affordable prices.

As mentioned above, besides positive traits, these brands also have their negative features such as narrow strings gap, breakage issues, ridges on the wood. Furthermore, some customers have found the misuse of original materials like laminated wood instead of “solid koa”.

Therefore, it causes a huge impact on the sound quality of the Uke later. For musical experts, there are some technical errors on the Uke they can easily fix as they have good knowledge of instrument structure. However, it is not the same for beginners. They might find it is struggling to adjust the errors, even the small issues.

Final Thoughts

You do not need to go bankrupt to buy a ukulele. Good beginner ukuleles can range between fifty and one hundred dollars. Plastic ukuleles are also available in many different colors.

Once you have experienced the instrument, then consider a more expensive model made of natural wood for the best playing experience.

Hopefully, this article can provide you with all the crucial information on what is the best ukulele brand. If you have already got in mind what to buy, then hurry up and hit the music store right now!

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