August 27, 2022

Top 15 Ukulele Worship Songs - The Easiest To Learn

Singing ukulele worship songs is a great way to destress and connect people. 

Whether you are accompanying your singing team or humming along at the comfort of your own home, worship songs are always available. 

They are easy to learn and absolutely enjoyable to sing aloud. So, grab your ukulele, tune it up, and let’s go for a ride with my Christian song list today. 

What are some of the greatest ukulele worship songs to practice: 

Here are some popular worship arrangements for ukulele: Amazing Grace - Chris Tomlin • You Are More - Tenth Avenue • North American Noise - Skillet • In Christ Alone - Lauren Daigle • I Lift My Hands - Chris Tomlin • Here I Am To Worship - Chris Tomlin

Detailed List Of The Best Ukulele Worship Songs

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) - Chris Tomlin


The first one on the list is Chris Tomlin’s arrangement of the traditional worship song Amazing Grace. This version is one of the most popular pieces, thanks to its simplicity and familiarity. 

There are a total of five chords that keep reappearing throughout the song, including Am7, C, D, D7, and G. The strumming pattern consists of only downward strokes, which makes it a perfect beginner’s choice. 

Here I Am To Worship - Chris Tomlin

You might all be familiar with the melody of this worshipful ukulele song since it has been chanted by most Christian out there. 

The main message of the song is the praise for Lord and people’s desire to forever worship him. 

The song has only four chords: A, D, Em, and G. The strumming pattern is two downstrokes - one upstroke, but you can simplify it by only doing downward strum. 

You Are More - Tenth Avenue North

This worship song has five chords in total - Am, C, D, Em, and G. Though  two minor chords might seem hard and chase some novice players away, it is actually a perfect song to learn the ukulele with. 

Start with remembering the hand position for every chord, then work on the strumming pattern. It might take some time to get used to the finger stretching and position changing, but it’s worth a try! 

American Noise - Skillet

If you want to switch from a slow, relaxed rhythm to a more fast-paced one, consider American Noise from Skillet. 

Though the song has only four chords, it is not made for inexperienced ukulele players. The suspended (Dsus4) and barre chord (Bm) might put too much work on your fingers. 

In Christ Alone - Lauren Daigle

In Christ Alone is properly one of the easiest worship songs to learn out there, as it has a repetitive lyric and a few open chords.  

With only three chords being repeated, again and again, it takes only a few days for beginners (and even a few minutes for more experienced players) to figure the chords out. 

I Lift My Hands - Chris Tomlin

This pick is another Christian piece from Chris Tomlin. Since his arrangements always have such a sacred and ancient vibe, this song is slow-paced. 

To play this song, you have to master the hand position of seven chords: A, Am, C, D, Dm7, Em, and G. They are all familiar major and minor chords that have appeared in other songs. 

Praise You In This Storm - Casting Crowns

This song is a contemporary worship song from an American band called Casting Crown. 

Five major and minor chords made up the whole song - Am, C, D, Em, and G. If you are new to this, doing the downward strumming pattern is enough. 

When you have familiarized yourself with the basic chords, you can add some pickings and fingerings to spice the song up a little more. 

Nearer My God To Thee - Sarah Fuller Flower Adams

This song is probably one of the oldest songs on the list. It was composed back in 1840 and since then has been well-loved by people. 

With only three chords - C, D, and G7, ukulele players of any level can try this one out and have a good time with friends and family. 

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Your Hands - JJ Heller

“Your Hands” by JJ Heller has a moderate tempo and only uses one minor and three major chords - Am, C, F, and G. Though these are all basic chords, the F barre chord might be challenging at first for novices. 

You can take the song to the next level by doing some finger pickings and speed up the rhythm if your ukulele skill is better. 

Amazing Love - Hillsong

“Amazing Love” has been a go-to worship song for many ukulele players with its simple lyrics and chord progression. 

The song emphasizes the absolute loyalty and honor for the Lord, making it a perfect option for a family singalong. 

The chord progression is fairly simple (C, F, Am, and G) with only one barre chord, making it very beginner-friendly option. 

We Believe - Newsboys

This song will please anyone who seeks a more challenging option. It offers a relatively fast tempo and complicated hand position. 

Considering the chord progression, there are one suspended chord (Dsus4) and two barre chords (Bm and Gbm). These chord types require more hand force to press the strings, making them unsuitable for beginners. 

Busted Heart (Hold Onto Me) - For King And Country

For King and Country is a popular Christian alternative rock band that wrote this song back in 2011. It wins the heart of the audience with its meaningful lyric and easy-to-feel melody. 

It is also tailor-made for the ukulele since there are only four standard chords in the whole composition. So if you love or are curious about this song, definitely give it a try! 

How He Loves - David Crowder Band

“How He Loves” is a beautiful Christian tune that came out in 2009 from the band called David Crowder Band. 

The song has four chords that you have basically seen in nearly every other song on the list - Am, C, F, and G. 

Regarding the strumming pattern, its repeated down-up strumming pattern throughout the song is manageable for players who are new to the ukulele. 

Good King Wenceslas

This traditional tune is a perfect song for caroling with a touching lyric that tells a beautiful story. 

Though it might take a while to memorize all the lyrics, the repetitions of only four open chords (G, Em, D, and C) will compensate for it. 

Feel free to add in some finger pickings if you want to give the song more feel. 

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Ocean (Where Feet May Fail) - Hillsong

The chord progression of this song consists of five chords: A, Bm, D, Em, and G. Besides being a beginner-friendly piece, its melody is by far one of the most beautiful. 

The strumming pattern is simply a basic up-down pattern. With consistent practice, beginners will soon manage to play this song fluently on the ukulele. 

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1 - What Is The Easiest Christian Song To Play On Ukulele? 

Because worship songs are intentionally composed to retain their relatability with as many people as possible, most arrangements are easy to practice. 

The majority of worship songs only compose four chords. So if you are new to playing ukulele, sticking to any song that has from three to four chords is a good start. 

Check out our list above for more references! 

2 - Do You Need A Pick To Play Worship Songs On Ukulele? 

Using a pick to add in some solo parts while playing with your friends is highly recommended. You can bust out some solo parts at the beginning or build up more tension for the choruses. 

However, for beginners and intermediate ukulele players, there is no need to use pick to practice. 

All you have to do is learn some commonly-used strumming patterns since it is very likely that you will use them over and over again in most songs. 

3 - Should I Learn Sheet Music To Play Worship Songs On Ukulele? 

You can learn sheet music to play more complicated worship songs on the ukulele. Being equipped with some basic music theory can make your learning process much more enjoyable. 

Be it as it may, you don’t necessarily need to learn sheet music to blast out worship songs on the ukulele. Every song is clearly structured in the form of chords. 

Therefore, by mastering the hand positions for each chord, you can already play any worship song. 

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The Bottom Line 

So this is finally the end of my top 15 ukulele worship songs recommendation. I included a wide variety of songs for any player, from novice to more advanced ukulele skills. 

To fluently perform a song, it’s best to start with learning the hand positions for every chord first. Once you remember all the chords, move on to the strumming patterns. 

In the beginning, things might seem frustrated, but they will get better. Most chords and strumming patterns will be used repeatedly in almost every song. 

All in all, I wish you a good day, and remember to drop by for my future post!

Article written by Julia
Hi, I'm Julia. I love playing the ukulele and blogging about it. I started playing the ukulele a few years ago and haven't stopped since! I've also been blogging about my experience learning to play the uke for other beginners like myself. It's been a fun way to share my journey and help others learn too.
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