October 6, 2022

10 Ukulele Christmas Songs For Beginners

There is nothing like throwing a show on this year’s Christmas holiday with your ukulele. The instrument’s rich sound will produce wonderful ukulele Christmas songs that get all eyes on you in an instant.

However, finding the perfect songs to practice can be a tough job, given how saturated the music industry is.

We have a solution here, why don’t you check out our list for some suggestions and save yourself the long search?

Here are some tips to follow on your way to all the songs simple enough to play.

A standard ukulele only comes with four strings. But the chords are much more complicated. 

They go from A to G in alphabet order. Some are added with letters and numbers to create new patterns, such as Am, A7, Am7, or Amaj7.

If you want quick results, better begin with unchallenging songs requiring less than five chords and no more than three fingers to strum each.

Is There Any Ukulele Christmas Song For Beginners?

The answer might take you by surprise, but these tunes come in massive numbers.

We have narrowed them down to ten easiest to grasp options. Anyone can make beautiful music out of these pieces without pushing themselves through endless practice day and night.

The Old But Gold ‘Jingle Bells’

Jingle Bells is a true Christmas classic that has been around since the 1800s. When this familiar tune starts ringing through snowy streets, we all know the holiday spirit is in the air.

The great news is that this fun traditional melody is no picker when it comes to players, making it one of the go-to options for ukulele learners.

It won’t take you much time to embed the important drumming patterns in mind since you only need to fret three chords, C, F, and G7. Strumming the G7 after the F adds a pleasing touch to the whole melody.

These are what all beginners are no stranger to. After all, the first lessons often include them.

The Festive ‘Feliz Navidad’

You might not be familiar with Spanish, but we doubt you are not familiar with Feliz Navidad.

First made its debut in 1950, the Christmas carol quickly became a hit worldwide for its simple yet meaningful lyrics and jolly melody. It’s almost impossible to find a person stating they never heard of it before.

To recreate the ukulele version of this all-time famous piece, you need to place your fingers on the F, G7, and C. The strumming pattern is simple and does not require your fingers to travel far from each other, making it a common choice for newbies.

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Enjoy The All So Familiar Deck The Hall

Deck The Hall’s uniqueness is created by simple lyrics and colorful sound, which is the staple of Christmas songs.

It’s also a piece so simple that even your children will have no trouble remembering the chords involved. 

In its ukulele version, the combination of mostly the F and G chords, plus the addition of the Am7 and D7 chords when reaching the “Fa la la” chorus, capture the song’s highlights well.

The fun thing about the lyrics involved is that its cheery and ear-pleasing nature make a great pairing with how bouncy and bright the ukulele’s sounds are.

Stir Up The Atmosphere with ‘Run Rudolph Run’

Christmas itself has been the inspiration of many mascots, but Rudolph always takes most of the spotlight.

To achieve the attention-grabbing effect you always want, having Run Rudolph Run of Chuck Berry included in your gig is no doubt a nice idea.

Like many holiday tracks we showed you earlier, the ukulele version of this fun and approachable song is created using the beginner-friendly strumming pattern C, F, G. You will be able to pull it off even when you haven’t played the instrument for long.

‘Silent Night’ – Another Traditional Christmas Tune

What’s Christmas without Silent Night? The big day can be weeks away, but the song will have already made itself known to everyone, coming out from the radio of certain café shops or even a random elevator you walk in.

Obviously, performing this song can earn you a big thumbs up from your friends and family.

The ukulele version of this fun holiday track still wanders the easy-peasy end of the spectrum. This means it requires you to strum only the G, F, and G7 to fully capture the mellifluous rise and fall of this somewhat slow-paced traditional carol.

Shake Up Your Christmas with… ‘Shake Up Christmas’

We appreciate Train for releasing a pop track with the lyrics as catchy as they are easy to translate into a ukulele song.

You only have to strum the C, Dm, and F chords to create a fun piece that has the Christmas energy resembling the original. The fact that it carries a fun beat that goes extremely well with the ukulele’s timbre gives more reason to have the song in your performance.

Bittersweet Moments With Last Christmas 

We never quite get the idea behind making a somber track about a poor man’s broken heart one of Christmas’s famous theme songs. 

Nevertheless, it is a widely recognized Christmas melody built on a simple ukulele chord sequence, so make sure to jot it down on your practice list.

Even though telling quite a tragic tale, the song itself follows a soothing tune. It’s difficult to find a part where you have to repeatedly shift your voice from a low pitch to an octave, which explains why its ukulele piece only has the C, Am, Dm, and G within.

It might be one level above the 3-chord or 4-chord songs you used to play. But a little challenge in life is never a bad thing, right?

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Catch Some Lovebug With Under The Mistletoe

Under The Mistletoe by Justin Bieber may not be the best well-known song centered upon this particular Christmas plant. 

Still, it is not at all a bad choice for ukulele beginners for the upbeat tone and easy-to-play chordal patterns.

Created using the C, D, Em, and G chords, the song might come across as tricky as first since you need to constantly move your hand up and down the fretboard. But all the changes are intuitive and follow the ‘no more than three fingers’ rule, so you will be able to get the hang of its Best Ukulele Christmas Song notes and rhythms soon.

Whip Up The Crowd With Winter Things

The popular and just as amazing Ariana Grande did her part in enriching our playlist for Christmas. One of the most fitting examples is Winter Things.

The endearing lyric and simple chord progression for a mainstream lovey-dovey song make it a perfect suggestion for couples spending their holiday together. Although your fingers have lots of work to do since the strumming chords follow the C-Em-Am-F order, with an occasional addition of Fm, the transition is simple enough for a newbie to handle.

Deliver a great performance of this track with your ukulele, and your significant other will be impressed for sure.

‘Silver Bells’ – Paint A Christmas Scenario with Your Ukulele

Let’s end this list of easy ukulele Christmas songs with a heart-warming piece that depicts the holiday season in big cities fairly well – Silver Bells.

In contrast to our fast-paced lifestyle, the song has quite a slow and peaceful tone, as if to remind us to stop for a while and cherish the little things we often take for granted. And you can convey this lovely message simply by strumming the C-C7-F-G-G7 chordal pattern.

Sometimes, there is a Dm at the end of the lyric to diversify the tune.

However, changing from one chord to another is no tough job at all so any beginner will manage just fine.

More Christmas songs:

The Bottom Line

Christmas is not around the corner yet, which gives you all the amounts of time you ever need for practicing and rehearsing. Remember that the chordal patterns and lyrics vary between all the songs, so it’s normal if you can master one in minutes but have to spend weeks on others.

It might take you a while to finally get the ukulele piece that your hands feel most comfortable with, but what you can achieve is worth the wait.

If you don’t want to jump on that long search, just go with the best ukulele Christmas songs that we have listed down earlier. Hardly anything about them can prove a challenge, so we know that they will get you off to a good start.

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