July 15, 2022

10 Must Have Ukulele Accessories In 2022

Owning a brand new ukulele, you think about buying accessories to get the most out of it. In other cases, you want to buy them as gifts for a player. 

Here are the ten best ukulele accessories you can add to your wishlist:

  • Aquila Ukulele Strings
  • O Oasis Ukulele Humidifier
  • Snark ST-8 Super Tight Clip-On Tuner
  • D'Addario Pro-Winder String Winder and Cutter
  • Crossrock CRA800CUBL ABS Concert Ukulele Case
  • Jumpin' Jim's Ukulele Songbooks
  • Dunlop Eric Johnson Classic Jazz III Pick
  • G7th Performance 2 Capo
  • D'Addario Micro-Fiber Polish Cloth
  •  Music Nomad MN142 Ukulele Care Kit

Let’s jump right in the detailed explanation of each accessory!

10 Best Ukulele Accessories In 2022

1. Aquila Ukulele Strings

Aquila Ukulele Strings  

The Aquila ukulele strings are the first accessory you can buy for your instruments. These strings contain three synthetic components, which make the ukulele sound better than standard nylon strings.

The composite material can absorb less humidity than other strings, thus, enhancing tuning accuracy and intonation. 

The Aquila strings help eliminate the metallic-like tones found in other synthetic products. If you’re looking for a genuine gut feeling, the AQ-1 model is the perfect option.  

Besides AQ1, there are ten more models for different tuning and materials.       

2. O Oasis Ukulele Humidifier

Oasis Ukulele Humidifier 

The next accessory is the O Oasis humidifier. O Oasis is one of the best ukulele humidifier you can get in the market. It has two unique features:

  • The small moisture output: It provides half of the Royal Blue Oasis humidifier to be used for the smaller instrument.
  • The horizontal mounting system: You can hang the humidifier horizontally inside the uke.

The manufacturer uses a designed fabric to encourage water vapor to go through it. You can watch how much the humidifier shrinks to decide when to refill it. 

There is no need to guess when the humidifier is full while refilling. The watertight container and Humigel (the absorbent polymer crystals) become two lines of defense against leakage. 

3. Snark ST-8 Super Tight Clip-On Tuner

Snark ST-8 Super Tight Clip-On Tuner  

The next item is Snark ST-8 Super Tight Clip-on Tuner, an accessory to help you tune while playing the ukulele. This product is easy to use and extremely precise. 

Interestingly, it operates depending on vibration. In other words, it senses the tuning by vibration.

Hence, the tuning process won’t be disrupted even if there is noise in the background.  

The Stark ST-8 tuner has a brighter display and a 360-degree swivel head. Moreover, the clip can grab tightly and stay put.  

4. D'Addario Pro-Winder String Cutter and Winder

D'Addario Pro-Winder String Winder and Cutter 

D'Addario Pro-Winder String Winder and Cutter is a high-quality product having a bridge pin puller and built-in clipper. It is all you need to change strings.

When setting a newly strung uke/guitar, your wrist can stay safe, thanks to its smooth action. 

You can use this item for various string instruments like banjos, mandolins, and guitars. 

5. Crossrock CRA800CUBL ABS Ukulele Case

Crossrock CRA800CUBL ABS Ukulele Case 

Are you looking for something to cover and protect the entire uke when not in use or during transportation? Crossrock CRA800CUBL ABS ukulele case is an ideal choice for you.

The case comes in nine different colors and weighs 3.7 pounds. Its exterior material is scratch-free ABS and interior, a deep plush lining.  

You can find four latches outside the case to firmly close the case and protect the uke inside. There is a single-shoulder strap that can be adjusted to fit different users.

Besides, the product has a sturdy molded handle, allowing you to carry it with ease.           

6. Jumpin' Jim's Ukulele Songbook - The Daily Ukulele by Jim Beloff

Jumpin' Jim's Ukulele Songbook - The Daily Ukulele by Jim Beloff

The Jumpin’ Jim’s ukulele songbook is another item for the ukulele enthusiasts. It contains a different song for each of 365 days in a year.

You can find songs by the Beach Boys, the Beatles, and Bob Dylan. Various music genres to pick include kids’ songs, pop songs, Broadway and Hollywood tunes, etc. 

The songbook features uke arrangements with chord grids, melody, and lyrics. A single-player or a group of players can use this songbook  to learn.

The book has a spiral binding to help you use it more conveniently. Don’t forget to look up the Tips & Features section, theme photos, and chord chart.   

7. BoloPick Felt Picks 

BoloPick Felt Picks 

BoloPick felt picks are accessories to help you play the uke smoothly. In comparison with normal felt picks, they are softer and smaller.

The manufacturer uses a synthetic felt, which provides a mellow authentic sound. You can buy a set of six picks in three different colors: sky blue, sea green, and light purple. 

From beginners to professionals can use this made-in-USA product. You can find the BoloPick felt pick makes a great sound with nylon strings. 

Also, the picks create a good feel between your fingers. However, you will experience the fuzz falling off while using your ukulele.      

8. G7th Performance 2 Capo

G7th Performance 2 Capo

Another item on the list belongs to G7th Performance 2 Capo. A capo is a device to position in the neck of strings and shorten the playable string length. 

The G7th capo provides much pressure to apply on the instrument as you need. There is no need to retune the uke while the intonation stays great throughout the neck.

Not only is it suitable for the ukulele, but it also works best for other electric and acoustic guitars.

This product helps you experience the ultimate feeling with a lighter and slimmer design. You can easily squeeze on/off on the capo thanks to its patented clutch mechanism. 

The design allows you to store the capo on the peg or behind the nut when you don’t use it.

9. D'Addario Accessories Micro-fiber Polish Cloth

D'Addario Accessories Micro-fiber Polish Cloth 

D'Addario Accessories Micro-fiber Polish Cloth becomes an essential accessory for all instruments. You can use it to clean your instruments with or without polishes.

This cloth keeps particles firmly inside its fiber, so you’ll not experience sneezing because of dust. Moreover, there is no need to have harsh cleansers.

The D'Addario brand uses 20% nylon and 80% polyester to create this product. 

Microfiber is well-known for its super absorbency and rapid drying properties. Despite its lightweight, the cloth can absorb moisture more than seven times its weight. 

The microfiber cloths always last longer than other types. If the cloth starts to be grubby, please wash, then reuse it.   

10. Music Nomad MN142 Ukulele Care Kit

Music Nomad MN142 Ukulele Care Kit 

Music Nomad Ukulele Care Kit contains three pieces to care for your ukes. 

The first item is the Ukulele Cleaner, a 2 oz bottle of cleaner, to use for gloss and matte uke finishes. It is perfect for the back of the neck, finished fretboards, and the body of the instrument.  

Moreover, this liquid has a formula including an amazing smell and UV protectants.

The second product in the kit is the Fretboard F-ONE oil, allowing you to clean, restore, and protect your ukulele. You can apply the product to various wood types such as ebony, rosewood, or exotic woods.

It is free from petroleum, water, wax, or lemon oil.

A 12” x 12” suede microfiber is the last product in the kit. You can use it to clean dust, fingerprints, grime, and sweat.

Notably, the Ukulele Cleaner and F-ONE Oil are products used by uke makers. 


Do I need a pick to play the uke?

It depends. You can use bare fingers or a pick to play the uke. A pick can help you increase playing speed and volume considerably. Moreover, it produces a defined tone, which is suitable for a camping fire.    

Is a capo necessary for the uke?

Yes and no answers are both correct in various cases. A capo is a nice item to have when you need it; however, it will not be an accessory used regularly.     

How many types of uke are there?

You can find four types of ukes available on the current market. They are Baritone, Concert, Tenor, and Soprano. 

Which type of uke is most popular?

At the moment, the Soprano uke has become the most well-known uke. Among the four types, it is the smallest in size.

Therefore, people with larger-sized hands may find it hard to navigate their fingers around such a tiny fretboard.

It is often 21 inches long and includes 12-15 frets. You can start learning to play the uke with the Soprano type as it’s budget-friendly and easy to play. 

What music genres can I play with the uke?

You can play a wide range of music genres with the ukulele, such as country, pop, jazz, rock. It is the instrument which can best perform surfers and surfing. 

Wrapping Up

It’s easier for you now to choose one or more items out of the ten best uke accessories. A little tip from me, a capo, microfiber cloth, or a care kit are must-haves from the get-go; other investments may come afterward

If you have any recommendations for any uke accessories, don’t hesitate to share them with us.

Happy ukulele time!

Article written by Julia
Hi, I'm Julia. I love playing the ukulele and blogging about it. I started playing the ukulele a few years ago and haven't stopped since! I've also been blogging about my experience learning to play the uke for other beginners like myself. It's been a fun way to share my journey and help others learn too.
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