August 27, 2022

Kala Ukulele Reviews: Top 5 Kala Models

If you are looking for a cheap ukulele, you cannot miss this Kala brand. The Kala ukulele is made of wood that produces a clear resonant sound.

Kala ukulele offers you great sound at a reasonable price

At an affordable price, it is suitable for those who are planning to learn ukulele and for experienced players. This American brand comes in a variety of designs, sizes, and prices.

So, how can you know which is a really good Kala ukulele model?

I can help you with that. In this Kala Ukulele review, I will share the top 5 Kala models in my opinion as well as things I like and don't link about them.

Kala Ukuleles Brand Information

Founded in 2005, Kala today becomes a reputable ukulele maker in the world, with more than a hundred models for musicians and music lovers.

Each instrument made from wood is carefully selected to produce the smallest meticulous piece of the structure at an affordable price for the customer.

Take a stride, sing, and play a Kala ukulele with family and friends. Or you can take the professional stage with the perfect ukulele from Kala.

What Makes Kala Uke So Great?

The Instrument company Kala manufactures and supplies a wide range of high-quality products for middle to upper-class customers.

With ukulele line products, both novice and expert can find an instrument with a variety of colors, beautiful designs, sophisticated craftsmanship, and built-in acoustic models.

They also use durable materials, high-quality strings to bring a great sound, with bright tones for their ukulele. Some Kala ukuleles also have moisture protection covers to increase product longevity.

Not only that, you can easily use the ukulele thanks to the Kala application on iOS or Android devices, including equalizer, long songs, and easy-to-follow lessons. You can also visit the Kala ukulele website to learn basic techniques like tuning, strumming, beginner-friendly chords, and melodies.

Lastly, many famous players in the world, including Vance Joy, Dodie, EatMyUke, The Teacher Ukulele, and Zac Brown, have used Kala ukuleles. So how about you?

Kala Brand Ukulele Price

Kala is one of the best Ukulele brands in the market, you can choose a Kala ukulele from less than $100 to more than $1,000. However, the advice for beginners is to select an affordable musical instrument before changing to a better and solid wood at a higher price.

Kala's ukuleles are made with different woods: mahogany, koa, maple, and spruce. The prices of Kala ukuleles vary depending on the type of wood used. However, the advice for beginners is to select an affordable musical instrument before changing to a better and solid wood at a higher price.

If you want a quality Kala ukulele, be prepared to spend at least $100. If you're just starting out, we recommend getting a less expensive model. As you get better, you can upgrade to a more expensive ukulele.

Below are some of my favorite Kala ukuleles.

5 Best Kala Ukulele Reviews

Kala Concert Ukulele Review

This model is a classical Mahogany Concert ukulele with contrasting cream binding to enhance the premium quality of the design. It is a beautiful instrument with a warm, full, fantastic tune for anyone who starts playing or wants to add more devices for his ukulele collection.

Kala Waterman Ukulele - Best Kala Ukulele

More specifically, you have Graphtec Nubone saddle and nut, Silver Nickel Frets, Chrome die-cast Tuners, and Italian Aquila Super Nylgut cords. This model is also considered as a mid-sized ukulele with a slightly longer scale and more frets than a soprano one.

It comes in a box shaped like a ukulele for storage. However, you should consider buying a bag if you want to travel with your ukulele.

Kala Waterman Ukulele

From the appearance, you will immediately love the cute color and design of this Kala ukulele. Although it is made from plastic, this model delivers a deep, full sound for you.

Kala Baritone Ukulele

What's more?

This product is durable, lightweight, and water-resistant for you to play your favorite music perfectly anywhere. Although it has a very thin bag with drawstrings, it can protect your ukulele from dust.

Thanks to its waterproof feature, it is easy to keep the high-quality polycarbonate ukulele clean. Moreover, like many Kala ukuleles, it also has Nickel-plated open-gear tuners and Aquila Super Nylgut cords. So, it's simple for you to use this ukulele to play excellent music.

Kala Baritone Ukulele

The Kala KA-B ukulele has a traditional mahogany body with white binding. It also has quality geared tuners to adjust and keep you in tune quickly.

Additionally, there're 18 Silver Nickel Frets, Rosewood Fingerboard, and Bridge Mahogany Neck Satin Finish. All create great sound from a small instrument for you to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Kala Soprano Ukulele

You know what?

The size of the Baritone is the largest of all ukuleles, but you only tune the first four strings like a standard guitar, including E, B, G, D. If you've ever played 18-string guitars, you won't notice any difference. You find out the short distance from the nut to the top of the saddle, making the frets closer. As such, people with short fingers can play this ukulele more straightforward.

Kala Soprano Ukulele

The production of the KA-15S becomes the industry standard for entry-level ukulele for all ages because it is a Mahogany instrument with high quality for warm, full sound at an affordable price.

Therefore, KA-15S is used for practice, musical classroom, and sound performance. Moreover, its satin body is very traditional to bring you the bright, warm tones.

This ukulele from Kala also has a Walnut bridge and fingerboard, 12 frets made of brass, and a neck made of mahogany. Like many excellent Kala ukuleles, its strings are Aquila Super Nylgut and saddle and nut are GraphTech Nubone.

Kala Soprano Ukulele

It is the most common and smallest size of ukulele, with the shortest length scales and the tightest fret spacing to adjust G, C, E, A via good quality tuning machines.

Kala Tenor Ukulele

This Kala ukulele offers a full melody with lots of sweet sounds and soothing bass. You can strum softer and still get delightful, subtle flutter.

In terms of design, it has the traditional white binding on the top and satin mahogany finish, while the Chrome die-cast tuners keep the instrument in tune. But you need to buy a separate bag when you want to store and take this ukulele away from home.

The strings which need to be extended are Aquila Super Nylgut. Besides, the fretboard is smooth with the top and side markers. Not to mention, the Nubone saddle and nut are durable.

Kala Tenor Ukulele

Last but not least, the fit and finish are in line with invisible joints at the back, thanks to excellent craftsmanship. It is said that this model is a perfect ukulele that you can expect from this price range.

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How do you tune a Kala ukulele?

Kala ukuleles are usually tuned to GCEA, but you can also tune them to other keys such as DGBE and ADF#B.

To tune your Kala ukulele, you will need a tuner. You can use an electronic tuner or an app on your smartphone.

Once you have your tuner, follow these steps:

  1. Pluck the string and turn the tuning peg until the needle on the tuner is in the middle. This is the starting point for tuning.
  2. Pluck the string again and turn the tuning peg until the needle is in the green zone. This is considered to be in-tune.
  3. Repeat this process for the other strings.

You may find it helpful to watch a video tutorial on how to tune a Kala ukulele.

How to keep new Kala ukulele in tune?

Kala ukulele strings are made of high-quality materials that allow them to hold their tuning well. However, like all strings, they will eventually settle and need to be retuned.

The process of string settling can take 1-2 weeks, during which time the ukulele will need to be tuned more frequently.

After the strings have settled, they will be much less likely to slip out of tune. As a result, it is important to be patient when breaking in new strings. With a little time and care, your ukulele will sound better than ever.

To keep your new Kala ukulele in tune, you will need to:

  • Check the tuning regularly. The more you play your ukulele, the more likely it is to go out of tune.
  • Use a higher quality string. Cheap strings are more likely to break and they also stretch more easily. This means that they will go out of tune more often.
  • Change your strings every few months. Old strings can cause your ukulele to sound dull and can also make it harder to keep in tune.
  • Store your ukulele in a cool, dry place. Extreme changes in temperature and humidity can cause your ukulele to go out of tune.
  • Avoid leaving your ukulele in the sun. The heat can damage the wood and cause the strings to stretch.

Following these tips, your Kala ukulele should stay in tune for a long time.

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How often should I change my Kala ukulele strings?

It is generally recommended that you change your strings every few months. However, this will depend on how often you play your ukulele and how well you take care of your instrument.

If you play your ukulele regularly, you may need to change your strings more often. If you don't play it as often, you can wait longer between string changes.

You will know it is time to change your strings when they start to sound dull or when they break. When changing your strings, be sure to use the same type of string that came with your ukulele.

Kala ukuleles are great instruments for beginners and experienced players alike. With a wide range of prices and styles, there is a Kala ukulele for everyone. Be sure to keep your ukulele in tune and change the strings regularly to get the most out of your instrument.

Which Ukulele From Kala Do You Want To Buy?

Kala makes the best instruments on the market, so choosing any ukulele from Kala will satisfy you in terms of quality and sound. Each guitar is a work of art that gives you beautiful design, excellent performance, and perfect sound.

Which product will you buy from the products we reviewed above?

Feel free to leave your comments and experiences, as well as questions here. They are invaluable to our readers for the decision to own a new Kala ukulele.

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