October 5, 2022

Coffee Breath Uke Chords Tutorial

Who doesn't love the smell of coffee? It's a familiar and comforting scent that can perk you up no matter what time of day it is.

Now, you can enjoy that delicious aroma every time you play your uke! These easy Coffee Breath uke chords are perfect for any beginner. Keep reading for the tutorial.

Lyrics And Coffee Breath Uke Chords

Chords: Dmaj7, Bm7, Aadd9, A

Ba ba dum
Ba ba dum badumba
Da ba bum
Ba ba dum

Woke up in your new apartment
In your twin-size bed
Coffee starting
Don't remember much
All I know is that you talk too much
Time to go

Ba ba dum
Ba ba dum badumba
Da ba bum
Ba ba dum

You've got those big blue eyes
Drive me crazy
Make me fantasize
'Bout you baby
And you smell so sweet
Like fresh-picked daisies
Call me Dahmer 'cause your heart's so tasty

Ba ba dum
Ba ba dum badumba
Da ba bum
Ba ba dum

And I watched you break
Like glass, you shatter
Said it's my mistake, I make things harder
So I tried my best
To shut my mouth
But all the thoughts I hid, dug their way out

Ba ba dum
Ba ba dumba badumba
Da ba bum
Ba ba dum

Said you can't trust me
I said it's fine
Because I'm not happy 'til I tell a lie
Now my bedsheets smell
Like your cologne
And in our separate worlds, we sleep alone

Ba ba dum
Ba ba dumba badumba
Da ba bum
Da da dum

Bada ba dum
Ba ba dumba badumba
Da ba bum
Ba ba dum

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Some Thought About Coffee Breath By Sofia Mills

Singer-songwriter Sofia Mills burst onto the music scene in 2020 with her debut single "Coffee Breath."

The song is a catchy, upbeat tune that features Mills' trademark quirkiness and irreverence. It's no wonder that the song has become an overnight sensation, amassing over 100 million views on YouTube.

The lyrics of "Coffee Breath" are lighthearted and humorous, but they also pack a serious message about the need for self-acceptance.

In the song, Mills pokes fun at the societal pressure to be perfect, admitting that she's far from perfect herself.

She encourages listeners to embrace their own imperfections and to find beauty in their quirks and flaws. This message of self-love is one that resonates deeply with many people, myself included.

Musically, "Coffee Breath" is pure pop perfection. The production is top-notch, and Mills' vocal performance is exceptional.

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She hits all the right notes, both literally and figuratively. The song is impossible to resist singing along to, and it's sure to get stuck in your head after just one listen.

If you're looking for a feel-good song to brighten your day, look no further than Sofia Mills' "Coffee Breath."

With its infectiously catchy melody and uplifting message of self-acceptance, this song is sure to put a smile on your face. Whether you're a fan of pop music or not, I highly recommend giving this song a listen. You won't be disappointed.

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