September 21, 2020
Best Ukulele Case Humidifier for Starters - Most Favorite by Experts

Kickstart your summer with a lively stay-at-home ukelele music concert! Chill out with friends and indulge yourself in the mellifluous melody of the magical ukulele. We heard somewhere that the melody of ukulele would wash you straight to the idyllic Hawaii beaches, the hometown of this instrument. That sounds appealing, right?. Yet, summer also happens […]

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May 29, 2020
How To Put A Strap On A Ukulele

It is not always easy to hold your ukulele in your hand. Whichever way you hold the instrument, there will come a time when your arms or leg start to protest. In these cases, you have only one solution: equip your ukulele with a strap. This article will show you how to put a strap […]

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