July 14, 2022

5+ Best Ukulele Under 200 with Decent Sound

Welcome to the best ukulele under 200 reviews where you can absolutely get an instrument of your requirements.

No worry if you have not played the ukulele before because it is straightforward to learn.

Compared to other stringed musical instruments, the ukulele is much more user-friendly with only four soft nylon strings. As a result, the chord shapes, notes, and scales are more comfortable to adjust.

Too excited to know more about this instrument? Then, let’s get started now!

5+ Best Ukulele Under 200: In-depth Reviews

1. Kala KA-15S Mahogany - The Best Soprano Ukulele

Kala KA-15S Mahogany - The Best Soprano Ukulele

Usually, we hardly recommend our consumers buy a ukulele that is around $50. Truth to say, those instruments often are not durable enough.

However, the Kala KA-15S Mahogany is an exception. It is both cheap and well-performed. Plus, this is a traditional soprano ukulele, meaning it is compact and easy to use.

Accordingly, the overall length is only 21 inches - easy to handle for kids, yet a bit small to be maneuvered by big fingertips.

The ukulele's finish is light-matte, which gives off a natural wooden look while it is also lightweight and smooth inside your hand. This is much improved compared to other plasticky affordable ukuleles.

In terms of use, Kala ukuleles are the most preferred when you ever think of learning to play ukes.

This makes sense because the KA-15S Mahogany is built with the entry-level players in mind. With fewer complicated tones like other concert or tenor ones, it takes less time for you to be familiar with the instrument.

Nonetheless, the limited tones when it comes to bass and sustain do not mean that the KA-15S produces a tinkly sound. In fact, the Aquila Nylgut strings sound warm, harp-like, and sweet.


  • Great sound thanks to Nylgut strings
  • Smooth, tight, and reliable look
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to set up and play
  • Extremely affordable


  • Small for big hands
  • Less volume, bass, and sustain

2. Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Ukulele - The Best Concert Ukulele

Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Ukulele - The Best Concert Ukulele

If you are ready to pay more to get a durable ukulele, then take a look at the Luna Tattoo Mahogany Ukulele - a concert uke.

While the soprano is often small and affordable and the tenor is somewhat too big for kids, we like that the concert version like this Luna Tattoo Mahogany is decent for both kids and adults.

For your information, its length is 23 inches. The body is as durable as the Kala KA-155. The craft is so great that all seams and joints are tight and clean.

The instrument is also light enough to resist vibration. That way, the tone is more lively and resonant to play acoustic performance.

We also like the sizable laser-engraved tattoo patterns on the first side of the Luna Tattoo Mahogany Ukulele.

This gives off Polynesian and Hawaiian styles. Meanwhile, it is still light not to overpower the other parts of the instrument.

Good as the ukulele is, please note that it is not as easy-to-use as the Kala entry-level one. You need to get the uke appropriately tuned in advance.


  • The average size for both kids and adults
  • Durable and interesting body
  • Excellent craftsmanship in all parts
  • Resonant sound ideal for playing acoustics


  • Proper tuning required
  • No accessories coming in the box

3. Cordoba 15TM Tenor Ukulele - The Best Tenor Ukulele

Cordoba 15TM Tenor Ukulele - The Best Tenor Ukulele

What to expect from a tenor uke like the Cordoba 15TM?

First off, you will have a bigger instrument, which is ideal if you have big hands or thick fingers. In specific, the body size is 26 inches.

At this rate, you have more space on the fretboard to maneuver around comfortably. Not to mention, the ukulele is made more carefully.

For example, the laminated body and the rosewood fingerboard feel great in your hands. Plus, there is a satin finish, ABS cream around the back and top, as well as the abalone circles.

All in all, the Cordoba 15TM looks elegant and robust.

Secondly, the ukulele’s tones are more productive and eloquent than those of concert or soprano ones.

This is the result of many adds-on such as the rosewood bridge, silver tuners, pearl tuning buttons, and especially, a quality set of tenor strings. You will nearly not have to adjust the settings up.

In drawbacks, the Cordoba 15TM does not come with any accessories and cases. Thus, you have to pay extra on the accessories yourself.

More infomation, this one is in our list of best sounding ukulele we ever found.


  • Quality build in laminated, rosewood, and satin finish
  • Richer and more eloquent in sounds
  • Packed with durable hardware
  • Almost ready-to-use


  • Lack of accessories
  • Quite similar to the other two versions

4. Enya Concert Ukulele 23 Inch Blue - Editor’s Choice

Enya Concert Ukulele 23 Inch Blue - Editor’s Choice

The next in the list is also a concert ukulele - the Enya Concert Ukulele 23 Inch Blue. This is not the best concert ukulele that we have tried. The Luna Tattoo Concert is.

However, the Enya instrument is still our most favorite choice, thinking of the balance between the quality and the price.

Speaking of the quality, the uke is crafted with the high-pressure laminate. This material is supposed to stay well under external factors, so you can expect the Enya Concert U to last over time.

The sound is also high-quality due to the Enya Fluorocarbon set of strings and Die-casting tuner. With both, the tune will be longer than other concert ukuleles.

Now, about the price, the Enya Concert Ukulele is surprisingly cheap.

This might be because it is a Chinese brand. We do not mean the Chinese products are not good, yet they are often famous for their competitive prices.

Even better, the instrument comes in the form of a complete starter kit, including the case, tuner, strap, capo, pick, strings, and even online practicing lessons.

Sound like perfect?

Not exactly. There is still room to improve. For example, the lower frets seem to be high. In other words, you must lower your action a bit to get familiar with the ukulele.


  • Careful craftsmanship
  • Longer tune than other concerts
  • Surprisingly pocket-friendly
  • A full starter kit to practice immediately


  • High-action problem
  • Not durable accessories

5. Ukulele From Lohanu Cutaway Electric - The Top-rated Ukulele

Ukulele from Lohanu Cutaway Electric - The Top-rated Ukulele

The Lohanu Cutaway Electric Ukulele goes with a bunch of things that are even beyond your expectations to a ukulele. That is why the instrument is among the top-rated in the market.

The quality build is a no-brainer. All edges are clean and all-bound with the running plastic strip on the two sides. Meanwhile, the finish is light satin.

Moreover, this ukulele comes with ready-to-use electronic tuners that will significantly help with the tune control requirements.

The manufacturer also pre-install the strap button in place. This will be a big bonus when you need to use a strap.

The tone is lovely, warm, and harp-like thanks to the light finish, tight construction, and parts above.

Now, come to discuss the disadvantages. It is a high price.


  • Coming in the form of a complete kit
  • Quality-build and user-friendly
  • Sweet, harp-like, and warm performance
  • Dedicated warranty along with responsive services


  • Quite expensive

How To Choose A Ukulele With Less Than 200?

However, if you want an instrument that will last for long and even those packed with some adds-on, you should go for ukuleles under $200 as above.

Feel free to refer to the following guide to make a wise choice.

Types Of Ukuleles

There are four types available in different overall length, scale length, and tuning. They are soprano, tenor, concert, and baritone.

  • The soprano is the traditional ukulele, which is the smallest in the family. It is often 13 inches in scale and 21 inches in overall dimension. This type provides a bright and standard sound.
  • The concert is a bit longer - about 15-inch scale length and 23-inch overall length. The sound seems quite similar to the soprano, but in fact, more in-depth and louder.
  • The tenor increases in the scale and over length to 17 inches and 26 inches, respectively. The sound even goes more in-depth and resonant. Also, there is a bigger room to accommodate your big fingertips.
  • The baritone, as you might already figure out, is longer - 19-inch scale length and 30-inch overall length. The bass notes are far bolder and even sound like the highest strings found on a guitar.

At around $200, you can most likely have a concert or tenor ukuleles. They are small enough to be given to your kids as gifts, while adults can also comfortably play with them.

The Body Shape

Interestingly enough, the ukulele features three adorable shapes.

  • The guitar-shaped ukulele looks exactly like a small guitar with the curved portion upper, the waist, and more minor lower bout.
  • The pineapple shape means the instrument has a rounded back, often along with graphics of Hawaiian tattoos.
  • The boat paddle shape looks like a paddle, which is a less common profile.


As mentioned earlier, the best ukulele under $200 is expected to last for long, meaning that their materials should be durable.

The two common materials are laminate and solid wood.

The latter is more expensive, yet more heavy-duty. Some ukuleles combine the both - laminate bodies and tonewood top, to keep a balance of quality and price.


Apart from above, most ukuleles under $200 have additional accessories such as the case, gig bag, electronic tuner, etc.


We will call the best ukulele under 200 reviews for today. Can you make a choice? If not, read our buying guide and all pieces of reviews once again.

Especially, take the Enya Concert Ukulele 23 Inch Blue in your consideration. This instrument is both well-performed, durable, and affordable as an entry-level package.

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