Welcome to Junu Music,

Julia Nune My name is Julia and from a young age, I have had a strong passion for music and singing. The first musical instrument I practiced to play was the ukulele.

Gradually with my wishes, ukulele, singing, and guitar were the things I focused on most in life. To inspire and share my knowledge with new uke players I founded Junu Music.

Junu Music focus on the beginners in Ukulele with articles that help you find your perfect instrument. We also provides information about accessories such as picks, strings, tuners, gig bags etc., which are important for every beginner ukulele player.

We provide the information of different types of ukuleles with our opinion about them. We also offers some guidances about how to play or tune each type of ukuleles in detail in order to help you master this instrument, and performing confidently.

Junu Music provide all the necessary information for people who are interested in learning how to play this instrument but don't know where to start from. With our 7 years experiences as an uke players and detailed content, we will become your favorite source for everything related with the ukulele!

If you are a novice or a self-practitioner like me before, rest assured, I used to be like that, and I will definitely share everything within my understanding to help you.

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